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Meet Jack Smith, owner of Infant House, a full service baby proofing company serving all of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

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Packing for the Hospital by April Salazar of April Showers
Well, you’re almost there.  Only a few weeks left until the much anticipated arrival of your little bundle of joy.  While you are tending to those final preparations like putting the finishing touches on the nursery, washing the baby clothes, stocking up on diapers; don’t forget to pack your bag for the hospital. 
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4 Ways to Keep Baby's Head Round by Jennifer Barnard of Baby Begin   Most of us have seen them at the local mall or when we are eating out at a restaurant.  The babies with those white helmets on.  Although we don’t know what they are exactly, they look horrible and the baby must be suffering from something really bad.  We try not to stare.

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